Climate Controlled Storage

Climate control is crucial for protecting more sensitive items that are subject to deterioration and damage from uncontrolled temperature.  Don’t risk your valuables getting destroyed in a poorly controlled garage-style facility; choose Space4Storage to keep your things safe.

You should consider getting a climate controlled storage unit if you have items you'd like to protect from the weather and humidity. Non-climate controlled storage units are perfect for items that you would store in your basement, garage or shed.  However, items that are more delicate and sensitive to humidity and weather should be stored in a unit that has climate control.  Our climate controlled storage units provide a consistent humidity levels year round, protecting your belongings from extreme temperatures and harmful humidity.

Climate controlled storage units also provide you with comfort while accessing your belongings.

Can’t decide if you need a climate controlled storage unit?  The cost per month may be a few dollars more, but the cost to properly store your valuables is less than the cost of replacing those items.  You should consider getting a climate controlled storage unit if you answer yes to at least one of these questions:

  1. Do your items have sentimental or high value to you? (e.g.: antiques, books, files, instruments, business records, electronics, etc.)
  2. Does the temperature where you live drop below freezing? (32° F)
  3. Does the temperature in your area rise above 90°F?
  4. Is there high humidity in your area?  Humidity levels above 50% will damage your belongings.
  5. Do you have a long term need for storage?

If you need to safely store your valuables - we can help!